Interview with Set Decorator Lori Mazuer (The Mindy Project, Popstar)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Lori Mazuer is a pure talent. She has worked in the Art Department on over 50 productions in the last 20 years, including her recent stint as the lead Set Decorator for the hit TV show “The Mindy Project”. She was also the Set Decorator for the 2016 hit movie “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”, starring Andy Samberg. Lori also has worked on many horror films, including Lords of Salem, Halloween I and II, and Insidious: Chapter 2 and 3. It was an honor interviewer her. Enjoy!


Matthew Toffolo: How is “The Mindy Project” experience? What is your typical work week setting up an episode?

Lori Mazuer: The Mindy Project has been an incredible experience. We are headed into Season 5 soon which will be my 3rd season with the Mindy team. Our main goal is to make Mindy’s world come to life, every week with a very ambitious schedule…

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PRESS RELEASE: Free Toronto Film Festival Event. Thur. June 30th, 7pm Carlton Cinemas

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Deadlines TODAY: Poetry Contest (FREE). Submit your Best Scene Festival

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Press Release – RSVP Feedback Film Fest – Double Festival! (Best of Documentary) Thursday May 26th. 7pm. Free or PWYL

WILDsound Festival

SPECIAL EVENT: Featuring the best of Documentary Short Films from around the world. Films from USA, Canada, Netherlands, Jordan, UK, Italy, and Argentina.

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