TV Festival 1st Scene Reading: Lost Boyz, by Steve Ronaldson

Set in 2000’s New Jersey, Pete thinks his wit and mean spirited teasing has made him the most popular kid in school. But it’s not until his best friend and muscle Knox gets sent away that he discovers he’s actually public enemy number 1. He’ll have to gather a group of fellow misfits and try to climb the social ladder for real this time to show the world he’s really as amazing as he think’s he is.


Pete: Sean Ballantyne

Mark: Allan Michael Brunet

TV Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: PRIVILEGED, by Kira Liva

Three girls return to Breckden Academy for their Sophomore year of high school following their friend’s death the previous Spring. But when the investigation is re-opened and the girls discover that the Legacy Group (a respected alumni society) might be responsible, they get pulled into the investigation and quickly find themselves in a precarious position between the small town police and a society that has its own sort of power to wield over the girls’ lives and academic futures.


Veronica: Val Cole

Savvy: Julie Sheppard

Attendent: Allan Michael Brunet