Top TV Festival Screenplays of 2019

Watch the winning readings performed by professional actors. 18 screenplays in total.

7 Best Scene Readings:

TV Best Scene Script Reading: Libertine, by Michael Mizrahi & Zoe Warncke

TV Best Scene Script Reading: A Guide To Basic Politics, by Hiram Alexander Orozco

TV Festival Best Scene Reading: PERMUTATION, by Marcus Russell

BEST Scene Screenplay Reading: Death Of A Revolutionary, by Marshall Ferrin

TV Best Scene Reading of The Lives of Our Time by Mike Gallagher

Best Scene Screenplay Reading of My Life with Lukas by Eric A. Walters

TV PILOT 1st Scene Screenplay Reading: Vapor, by Eric White

8 TV SPEC Screenplays:

TV SPEC Screenplay Reading of RICK AND MORTY “Life of Morty”, by Daniel Richardson

Winning TV SPEC Reading: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Spec) – “Opening Act”, by Danny Gendron

Winning TV Festival Spec Screenplay of BLACK-ISH “Keepin’ It Real Estate”, by Tammy Caplan

Winning TV SPEC Screenplay Reading of CORPORATE, by Ger Greaney

TV SPEC Screenplay Reading: Schitt’s Creek, by Oscar Deng

TV SPEC Screenplay Reading of Brooklyn 99: The Amnesiac

TV SPEC Screenplay Reading of TRANSPARENT “Who’s Getting Ali”, by Horton Emory

Winning TV SPEC Screenplay – THE MIDDLE – The Fancy Party by Julia Antuerpem

3 TV PILOT Readings:

Winning TV PILOT Screenplay Reading: Miracle Cove, by Al Cool

TV Screenplay Reading of THE RUMMY CLUB by Anoop Judge

TV Screenplay Reading: RUN! RUN! RUN! – THE LIVES OF ABBIE HOFFMAN by Michael J. Shapiro

By tvfestival

Monthly Festival showcasing new TV Pilots and TV Spec Screenplays. All submissions receive full feedback. Winners get their script performed by professional actors and shown online.


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