September 2017 TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Winners

Deadline for Television Pilot/Spec Screenplay Festival: Watch the 4 TV Screenplay Winners for September 2017: TV SPEC Screenplay – QUANTICO Show September 2017 Readingby Leslie Lyshkob TV SPEC Screenplay – BOJACK HORSEMAN show September 2017 Readingby Cameron Chapman TV 1st Scene Screenplay – KODAK MOMENT September 2017 Readingby John Cruz Alarid TV 1st Scene Screenplay –… Continue reading September 2017 TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Winners

Let’s Have More Writer Love

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Melanie Mole Writing can be a lonely business. By its very nature it is often a solitary existence. As a writer I have often thought how sad it is that some writers don’t support each other more. We are probably all after the same goal. We…