TV PILOT 1st Scene Script – FAT VS EVIL, by Alex Sheldon

Originally posted on First Scene Screenplay Festival: Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy In a world where superheroes are as common as garage bands, plus size retail worker Iris gains awesome powers she wants nothing to do with. CAST LIST: Bette: Andrea Meister Rancor: Charles Gordon Narrator: Carina Cojeen Iris: Kerrie Lamb Jake: Rob Notman Commander: Jarod Terrell ***** Producer: Matthew Toffolo –…

Winning TV Screenplays for March 2018

Watch readings of the winning screenplays performed by professional actors: TV SPEC Screenplay of the show TRANSPARENTMarch 2018 Readingby Marisaa Lessman TV 1st Scene Screenplay – JAKOB’S COVEMarch 2018 Readingby Travis Darkow TV 1st Scene Screenplay – TOUCHMarch 2018 Readingby Robert Cox TV Best Scene Screenplay – WHAT THE HELLMarch 2018 Readingby Melissa Willis ****… Continue reading Winning TV Screenplays for March 2018

The SHOTS are all you have. Film Directing SHOTS

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FILM SHOTS FILMMAKING NOTES Interview with Oscar Nominated Production Designer Michael Corenblith FILM DIRECTING SHOTS – One of the most over used cliches in film is “The Shots are all you have.” The following are what you need to think about practically so you can think creatively and…

What is a Production Manager?

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PRODUCTION MANAGER FILMMAKING NOTES The Job of Production Management is the job of organization, budgeting, scheduling and preparing for everything. POINTS OF A PRODUCTION MANAGER 1. Prepare breakdown and preliminary shooting schedule 2. Prepare and coordinate the budget 3. Oversee preliminary search and survey of all locations and…