Original Script Reading of BOJACK HORSEMAN TV Show, by Cameron Chapman

Set at the end of Season Three, BoJack takes his new philosophy of isolation literally when he’s accidentally kidnapped by a health and wellness cult. Genre: Comedy, Animation CAST LIST: Narrator: Laura Kyswaty BoJack: Rob Notman Kevin Spacey: James Boutcher Buzz: Luke Robinson Ethan: Brandon Knox Olivia: Lindsay Rolland Mills Sabrina: Premika Leo Lizzie: Julie… Continue reading Original Script Reading of BOJACK HORSEMAN TV Show, by Cameron Chapman

Original Script Reading of QUANTICO TV Show, by Leslie Lyshkov

Watch the September 2017 Winning Screenplay: In the present day, both Alex and Ryan are assigned to the American Southwest. Alex to offer security to a fringe gubernatorial candidate. Booth to infiltrate a dangerous alt-right militia. In the flashback, Owen’s CIA trainees are assigned to launder money out of foreign country back to the United… Continue reading Original Script Reading of QUANTICO TV Show, by Leslie Lyshkov

TV PILOT Screenplay – Digital Natives by Adam Preston

Watch the August 2016 Winning TV PILOT screenplay. Digital Natives  by Adam Preston Genre: Comedy, Sitcom When it all goes wrong for Phil Burrows he moves to London’s trendy Shoreditch district to reinvent himself as an on-the-pulse hipster in the place where it’s all happening. Not so hip or on-the-pulse is the fact that this… Continue reading TV PILOT Screenplay – Digital Natives by Adam Preston

TV Pilot Sitcom Reading – REC’D by Chris Courtney Martin

In the pilot, we meet our hero Petey and her friends. Petey has to deal with training this guy who broke her heart. Her best friend, Leya, has to prepare an assignment while on her shift. We get sucked into this bizarre Twilight Zone that is work-study. It’s like a half-step between being a kid and an adult because you’re balancing school and work. When you’re a kid, school is always supposed to come first. When you’re an adult, other than your family, work is top priority. The pilot introduces us to that world. We also get to see Petey make an adult decision in how she handles Ryan, this guy she slept with last year. She can be petty or she can be professional, that’s where this decision-making comes into play again.

TV SPEC of the show THE BIG BANG THEORY by David Minaskanian

Being able to see the script performed by professionals. The feedback was very helpful and I highly recommend others enter the festival.

TV PILOT Table Reading – MINDWALKER by Thorsten Loos

Andrew Kinderman, a loner and scifi geek without any friends, witnesses the murder of his neurobiology professor and is shot by the killers as well. His mind is catapulted out of his now comatose body and is ‘anchored’ to the only person he really cares about: The actress of his favourite mystery TV show, Australian beauty Anna Chastings. She is terrified when Andrew’s spirit manifests in her villa and thinks he’s a hallucination caused by too much work, but soon realizes this guy is really in trouble. When he accidentially overhears her boyfriend who is cheating on her, he manages to convince her that he is real by telling her about it. She starts to feel sympathy for him and agrees to fly back to New York to help Andrew return back to his body. As soon as they start to call hospitals in order to find Andrew’s body, they catch the attention of the FBI which is investigating the case and Anna ends up as a major suspect. Meanwhile, we learn Andrew’s professor had been working on some kind of mind control / precognition technology. A mysterious organization has stolen his research and is trying it on test persons. Part of the conspiracy is senior FBI agent William Curtis who doesn’t like the extra attention caused by a celebrity involved in the case he is trying to cover up.

TWO EMPERORS, Best Scene TV PILOT Reading by Paul Gross

The six-part miniseries traces the parallel lives of Beethoven and Napoleon, their formative years, their loves, their interrelationships via music and their passages to their final years.

TV PILOT Reading – LIFE IN THE FAST LANE by Debi Calabro

LIFE IN THE FAST LANE is the January 2016 winning TV Pilot. Watch the table reading performed by professional actors. TV PILOT: LIFE IN THE FAST LANE by Debi Calabro CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne JESSIE – Maya Woloszyn SAL – Christopher Huron MARIA/SONIA – Mandy May Cheetham JAMES/RYAN – Nick Baillie SCARECROW/MICHAEL –… Continue reading TV PILOT Reading – LIFE IN THE FAST LANE by Debi Calabro

Watch THE SHARE, Sitcom TV Pilot performed at the festival

Deadline: SUBMIT TV PILOT/SPEC Script – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

TV Pilot Reading: SEX THERAPY by Michelle J Brezinski and Doug Carter

The TV Festival offered a ton of support, gave exceptional feedback, respected the voice of the artist, and all it’s parts just seemed to fit..