TV Webseries Festival – Today’s Testimonial

Priyanka Desai
Priyanka Desai

A wonderful festival! Thanks so much for the feedback and support!

5 Star Review

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RED CHEF REVIVAL, 22min., Canada, Web Series/Documentary

Directed by Danny Berish

Black Rhino Creative’s Red Chef Revival is a 6 x 22 minute food and travel series exploring modern Indigenous cuisine through the lens of three chefs. New York Times featured, Cezin Nottaway. Top Chef finalist, Rich Francis and Iron Chef finalist Shane Chartrand. Using food as their access point, the chefs discover a new path to reconciliation. Red Chef Revival features ingredients you won’t find in any cookbooks like bison heart, beaver tail, moose nose and cougar. More than a cooking show, this is a people’s story on a plate.

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TV Festival Testimonial – March 29 2019

We are so happy that our web series got to be a part of the FEEDBACK festival! It was extremely helpful to receive both positive and constructive feedback from audience members. The festival itself is very well organized with excellent communication from its contacts. The lineup had a great mix of work from both experienced and emerging filmmakers. Thanks to the FEEDBACK team!! 
– Sarah Campbell

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TV Festival Testimonial – March 19 2019

I was influenced to enter the festival after i won best tv pilot/ script writer of the month in October 2018 i knew i had something special. My feelings on the feedback i received were positive i feel blessed to be apart of this opportunity.

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Eve – 2 – Brittany Clough
Mary – 3 – Anne McMaster
NARRATION – Jen Daniels
Jesus – 4 – Hugh Ritchie
Satan – 7 – Ron Boyd
Adam – 2 – Rhys Harrison

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TV Festival Testimonial – March 6 2019

Particularly the reading portion. Before, most of my writing existed in my head or in the heads of others. It is a completely different experience to have it read out loud, especially from a dialogue perspective.

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WILLOWWOOD by Christopher Locke


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Drama

When two aimless slackers discover their entire reality is a TV show and they are merely background characters in a mediocre family sitcom, they attempt to inject some much needed conflict into the lives of the family in order to save the show (and their reality) from cancellation.


NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
JASMINE – Michelle Alexander
SHELDON – Brogan Caulfield
RUSS – Martin Huss
BARBARA – Viktoria Napoleonova
DERRICK – Michael Lake
WOMAN – Erynn Brook

TV Festival Testimonial – March 4 2019

I learned about the festival on line. First, as a new writer, I know how important it is to get my work out there, everywhere I can. I also value the feedback, although I always rely on my own instinct and taste. First and foremost, I write for myself. Especially for Supernatural, that makes sense to me, since I am part of their largest demographic viewership. I also loved the idea of having professional actors table read my work. So cool.

My initial reaction to the feedback was, Wow! He really liked my work. I mean, when the first sentence you read says, “An exceptionally well-written episode of Supernatural…” you know you’re off to a great start! I did incorporate the advice to lower my page count, and it was a good lesson in evaluating what scenes were absolutely crucial to the story. I really did learn something, and isn’t that the point?

  • B. Bonaduce

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TV Festival Testimonial –February 27 2019

As a TV pilot there aren’t that many festivals to enter a script like: Psi-Com 5, and this is the 1st contest I have entered it. I found the feedback thorough and helpful.

  • Ed Vela


NARRATOR: Becky Shrimpton
Lynx: Merlin Simard
Lucien: Allan Brunet
Joselyn: Mahtab Sabet
Liticia: Kate Varadi
Titansor: Anthony Tran
Hadley: Scott Beaudin
Cho: Salma Dharsee

What is your TV Pilot screenplay about?

At a secret government facility, young psychics are being trained and their psychic gifts developed but when one group: Psi-Com 5, finds out about an enhancement program that is killing and maiming some of the younger less powerful psychics, while at the same time discovering a powerful young psychic on the outside being used as a pawn, they decide to try to escape the confines of the Clinic.

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TV Festival Testimonial – January 14 2019

Screenwriter James Zeankowski (MIND FORCE)

I am a tad constructively critical of those doing the reading. However, I’m not a picky individual, so we’ll see if it leads to more.
Watch the Screenplay Reading: 

Detective Robby Banks uses his self hypnotic telepathy powers to find missing persons and their captors.


Chief Mackenzie – 5 – PETER NELSON
Robby – 22 – NICK DOLAN

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