2017 – Best TELEVISION Pilot Loglines of the year!

Read the top TV PILOT pitches of the year: 

THE DARK SECRET, by Denise Buckley

WILD ONES, by Victor Mwamburi

A FAMILY’S WEB OF LOVE, by Nicole Gray


THE PUPPETEERS, by Tracey Maye

THE MONSTER JUNKIES, by Erik Daniel Shein

THE GIFTED, by Barry Brennessel

THE PILLAGERS, by Bernard Cecire

MINDWALKER, by Thorsten Loos

BETA BY BLOOD, by Sharon Grice

AMERICANA, by Neto Depaula

RUST, by Cody Carson

LASTVIEW, by Candace Taylor Johnson

FISHNETS, by Shelli Wright

THIS IS MY DAY, by Amin Elhag











2017 – Read the best of HORROR TELEVISION Shows loglines

Read the best of HORROR TV Show ideas and synsopsis’ from around the world.

MENTAL, by Tristan J. Shuler

PATRONYMIC, by Manmohan Kumar Rana

TATTOO, by David Wise

BLAZED AMBUSH, by Craig Smith

ENENRA, by Aaron Wroblewski

PEEL, by Matthew Torti

THE BLACK MARIA, by Michael Cala

VIRUS K, by Michael Freeman

FIRESTORM, by Clayton Emery


SYLVESTER, by Michael Aanu

EIDOLA, by Robert Herold










2017 – Read the best of SCI-FI TELEVISION Shows loglines

Read the best of SCI-FI TV Show ideas and synsopsis’ from around the world.

HARMONY AE PILOT, by Justin Bredahl

PAST CRIMES, by Obinna Ejike

VIRTUA, by Marina Ivanova

THE LOTTERY OF LIFE, by Marina Ivanova

AXON TERMINUS, by Skylier Jones

TITLE 86, by Ben Hinman

EARTHKILL, by Diane Valtera

BORDERTOWN, by David Harrison

THEY’RE BACK, by Chevez Fletcher

KINESIS, by Genevi Engle

THE FIRST ONES, by Ageless


THE RELIEF, by Ross Denyer

OPEN ACCESS, by Jean-Pierre Joubert

MORPH, by Christine Davis

REVELATION, by Victor Bryan

LEAVE IT TO CLEAVER, by Ashley M. Ryan

AMONG US, by Renana Nova

HEALERS, by Celine Terranova


KEPLER, by Curtis Matthews
NOVEMBER OF MY SOUL, by Jack Trammell

GEORGETOWN, by Gavin Mitchell





2017 – Read the best of THRILLER TELEVISION Shows loglines

Read the best of THRILLER TV Show ideas and synsopsis’ from around the world.

THE KNOT, by Alexander Spence

GUILT, by Zara Mbangtang

HEKA, by GilJuan Kirby

TRANSYLVANIA, by Agnese Pagliarani

REMEMBER ME, by Lagueria Davis

RISE OF THE IRISHMAN, by Thomas Dunham

NO NAME, by Lorin Lauran

INSIDE GAME, by Goran Marjanovic

POSTHUMAN, by Wesley Gray


DEMON, by Thomas Muller

SKELETON CREW, by Adam Charleston

UNTITLED, by Lamar Faulk

MOISH’S MOB, by David R. Weinraub

MURDER INC, by Mark Casada


WORLD’S APART, by Robert Cannon

OUR DEMONS, by Ed Vassie

BLOOD BROTHERS by Asim Abraham

BAD MADISON, by Matt L. O’Connor

CELTIC BLOOD, by Richard William Masterson


HONESUKI by Elizabeth “Ibba” Armancas

WORLDS END, by David Greenberg

THREAD, by Hannah Hightower

INSIDE OUT, by Isaac Maxwell-Hunt

HYDRA, by Darlyne Franklin

DAZZLELAND, by Amy Amain

Winning TV SPEC Screenplay – BETTER CALL SAUL, by Jimmy Prosser

Genre: Crime, Drama

Suspended lawyer Jimmy McGill endures community service at a high school where he meets an accused teen, while Mike searches for the distributor of Cheese, a popular new drug.

Narrator: Val Cole
Jimmy: Noah Casey
Mike: David Schaap
Bobby/Nacho: Gabriel Darku
Talbot/Hector: Neil Bennett
Secretary: Clare Blackwood
Kim: Lauren Toffan

Get to know the writer:

What is your TV Spec screenplay about?

The logline is “Suspended lawyer Jimmy McGill endures community service at a high school where he meets an accused teen, while Mike searches for the distributor of Cheese, a popular new drug.” Going deeper, this episode provides viewers a better understanding of why Jimmy McGill cares about his clients, and particularly those over their head and in situations they did not anticipate. In a flashback, we see teen Jimmy (along with young buddy Marco) devising a clever money making scam but abandoned by older brother Chuck once caught. In present day, Jimmy identifies too closely with an accused teen as he struggles to find a way to defend him. We also learn more about the Hector/Gus rivalry as they make moves to expand from meth to a new heroin derivative that became very hot in this time frame.

How does this episode fit into the context of the TV series?

“QUESO” would be Episode 26 ½ (during Season 3 between episodes 6/7) and opens on Jimmy’s first attempt to satisfy his community service requirements following his suspension by the New Mexico Bar Association.

How would you describe this script in two words?

Achilles heal

What TV show do you keep watching over and over again?

The show I’ve watched repeatedly over the years is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Each of the characters are perfectly drawn and I admire the writers’ willingness to really push boundaries. However, the show that I currently admire most is “Black Mirror.” I have been focusing on one-hour drama and, as I work on my own pilot and series bible, the tone and structure of “Black Mirror” is what keeps coming to mind. If I could write for one show, it’s “Black Mirror.”

How long have you been working on this screenplay?

I will be graduating in a few months from New York University’s (NYU), Tisch School of the Arts, where I study Dramatic Writing and Producing in the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. I’ve written plays, screenplays and sitcoms, but this script, QUESO, is my first one hour drama spec, which I wrote over 12 weeks this past summer.

How many stories have you written?

I’ve always liked to tell stories – but mostly orally to my family and friends. About 4 years ago, I began dramatic writing in earnest so over that time I must have written 20-30 short stories, plays, screenplays, sitcoms and now television drama scripts.

What is your favorite song? (Or, what song have you listened to the most times in your life?)

Being a kid growing up in San Diego during the 2000s, I have to say “I Miss You” by Blink-182.

What obstacles did you face to finish this screenplay?

I believe I’ve been able to capture the characters/dialogue and tone of “Better Call Saul” pretty well so the toughest part for me is to formulate the proper four act structure in a way that really communicates the right arc for the A, B and C stories.

Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

Music, definitely. My favorite escapes are listening to music alone or grabbing instruments to play with my buddies as loudly as we can. When I write, a soundtrack always is in my head.

What influenced you to enter the festival? What were your feelings on the initial feedback you received?

As I mentioned before, I’ve written a lot but this is my first drama spec so I was anxious to hear objective feedback. Some of the feedback I received was right on; some I think missed aspects of the script, especially when it comes to Jimmy’s motivation to help Bobby.

You entered your screenplay via FilmFreeway. What has been your experiences working with the submission platform site?

FilmFreeway has been great. My first experience with it was submitting a short screenplay, “NOTEWORTHY,” which won several festivals and is going to be shot in January. We hope to submit that completed short film to several of the best festivals next year via FilmFreeway because it is very easy to use.

Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

As painful as it is, I feel that you must create a full beat sheet before trying to write the script! Once that solid outline is in place, the writing comes much easier. It is tempting to write a fun standalone scene as soon as you think of it, but if you don’t have your structure in place you may find yourself spending too much time trying to wedge that scene into the overall story. 


Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Director: Kierston Drier
Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne
Editor: John Johnson

Camera Operator: Mary Cox

2017 – DRAMA Feature Film Screenplays of the year

2017 – Read the best of DRAMA TELEVISION Shows loglines

Read the best of DRAMA TV Show ideas and synsopsis’ from around the world.

SINS OF THE DAUGHTER, by Michael Atkinson

ATASCOSA COUNTY, by Mark A. Valdez
EPIC MOMENT, by Regine Cherry

THE WIG, by Renata Suerth

THE HUMAN DRESS, by Rona Walter

CLEVER GIRL, by Sahil Sharma, Joe Zappa, Kip Bennett


URBAN WILDLIFE, by Kathy Myers

WILD MIND 1, by Fujio Torikai


GESTURES, by Drew Pittock

SUCCESSION, by Cordell Garrett

A STITCH IN TIME, by Julie Winters

FATHER FLANAGAN, by Chris Beatty

THE EASY WAY, by Meredith Post
OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE, by Matthew Greco and Patrick Espinoza 

31:10, by Christina Bevan & Rhianne Williams

CORPOREAL, by Pamela Rios

TEARS OF AN ANGEL, by Szand Haris-Weldin

HARMONY PI, by Ted Sterns

GROWING UP, by Cynthia Garbutt


THE SQUARED CIRCLE, by Buddy Chambers

THE BLUE CIRCUS, by Dennis Foley

CACTUS SURFING, by Doctor Lisa Cohen

LOOSE CANNON, by Jennifer Bouani
LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, by Tawanda Le Saine

INCENDIARY, by Shadrach Michaels

BATTLE OF THE LOST, by Patrick S. Selitrenny

BRIDES OF EDEN, by Denise Martin

G.U.N.S., by Jermaine M. Vanderhorst and Kim N. Polite

DIRTY GIRLS, by Sunday Sabbath

TBAIMS, by Jon Landers

KODAK MOMENT, by John Cruz Alarid


ORTUS, by Heather Wallace-Brown

MARIE’S WORLD, by Kristal McKerrington

IDLE WOMEN, by Graham Smith

HOMELESS, by WL Gorman

MIDDLERIDGE, by Tomas Xavier Diaz

THE 27 CONSPIRACY by Robert Beedham

SHRINK PROOF, by Stephen Potts

TURBULENCE, by Lewis Ritter

JERSEY, by Shahid Manning

BLIND JUSTICE, by Alex Carson

GASLAND, by Augusto Amador
LUCENT SOUNDS, by Waldemar de Boer

FREE NORTH, by Ray-Alan Cameron

GHOST EYES, by Maurice Blocker

THE LONG WINTER, by Liam Kavanagh

TONGUE TIED, by Steven M. Cross

BRITHOP, by Minka Wiltz

5N, by Nicole J. Barrett