WATCH the rest of the film festivals for March 2022. Watch for FREE 7 using day trial (Fighter Plane, Dance, Female Directors, Legendary Boxers):

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WATCH the rest of the film festivals for March 2022. Watch FREE 7 day trial: – Feature Documentary on the legendary boxer Sal Sanchez– Feature Documentary on the Silver Spitfire – WWII fighter plane– Showcase of the best DANCE films from around the world today.– Showcase of the FEMALE DIRECTED…

HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: March 2022 Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today. Audience Award Winners:BEST WEB SERIES: THERE’S AN APP FOR THATFUNNIEST WEB SERIES: TO AND FROM “TERMINAL 1, LETTER A”BEST PERFORMANCES: HALFWAY TO FIFTYBEST DIRECTION: YOU LOOK HAPPY Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film: TO AND FROM “TERMINAL 1, LETTER A”, 5min., USADirected by Kate… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: March 2022 Festival

Web Series: YOU LOOK HAPPY, 18min., USA

Directed by Aida Teklemariam, Jake ChamberlainEver felt so overwhelmed you don’t do anything? Earnestly aiming to rise above her crippling false inner narratives, TEGIST tries the latest trend from unintentional mantras to ginseng drinking to half-ass community building. In YOU LOOK HAPPY, time will tell if she’ll “succeed” or interminably live in the dumps of… Continue reading Web Series: YOU LOOK HAPPY, 18min., USA

Web Series: HALFWAY TO FIFTY, 5min., USA

Directed by Sierra Schnack, Kelly MurrayAfter realizing that her Asian mother had her at her current age of 25, Amanda learns she is the furthest thing from what her mom expected. Queer, Asian American, Impulsive Amanda explores her sexuality, promiscuity with males and female identifying folks, and tries using her voice more loudly to combat… Continue reading Web Series: HALFWAY TO FIFTY, 5min., USA

Web Series: THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT, 26min., USA

Directed by Ed ToolisFor the last 150 thousands years, mankind has longed for a time when all of human knowledge and wisdom could be at his fingertips. And with the internet and mobile devices, that time has finally come. Watch the Audience Feedback Video: Project Links  Facebook Director Biography –¬†Ed Toolis I have always thought… Continue reading Web Series: THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT, 26min., USA

Watch the Under 5 Minute Festival Now. Watch for FREE using the 7 day trial.

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Showcase of the best UNDER 5 MINUTE shorts in the world toady. Films from Belgium, Canada, India, Mexico, Sweden, USA. In Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Fashion, Romance, Thriller genres. Truly an amazing lineup! Streams for the next 24 hours. Direct page:? NOTE: You can download for FREE…

TV Festival Best Scene Reading: Hel, the last saga: The Series

by Orso Vesperini, Terry Newman, Carole Starcevic, Toby Osborne A shipwrecked Viking awakens on a strange island, prowled by terrifying beasts and a Forgotten God, and has to escape before he is doomed to spend eternity there. CAST LIST: Narrator: Hannah Ehman Ingwild: Kyana Teresa Alvar: Steve Rizzo