Web Series: HALFWAY TO FIFTY, 5min., USA

Directed by Sierra Schnack, Kelly Murray
After realizing that her Asian mother had her at her current age of 25, Amanda learns she is the furthest thing from what her mom expected. Queer, Asian American, Impulsive Amanda explores her sexuality, promiscuity with males and female identifying folks, and tries using her voice more loudly to combat oppressive systems and the patriarchy.

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Director Biography – Sierra Schnack, Kelly Murray (x04)

With collaboration and community as her highest priorities, Sierra is passionate about curating and sharing stories that matter. Her goal as a creative in any capacity is to foster environments and plots that not only reflect the intricacies of the human experience within reality’s confines, but to create work that challenges it.
http://www.sierralschnack.com I @sierraschnack

Director Statement

Delving Into the concept of relationships, the effects they have, not only on the people around us, but on ourselves, through the lens of this 25 year old “self-seeking” woman gives us a sophisticated taste of the complexity of queerness, Identity, and love. 37 pages, written In 5 days, shot In 4, and released 4 months after the concept’s spark, I couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful whirlwind of Amanda’s reality.

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Monthly Festival showcasing new TV Pilots and TV Spec Screenplays. All submissions receive full feedback. Winners get their script performed by professional actors and shown online.

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