TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Reading: Quantum Entanglement, by KC Kramer

After being led to an ancient artifact that bears her signature as well as a mysterious name drawn inside a heart, Clea Smith finally gets to realize her childhood dream of becoming a time traveler when she crosses paths with agents of a time travel law enforcement agency from the future and joins them in… Continue reading TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Reading: Quantum Entanglement, by KC Kramer

TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Reading: Hoodz, by Christina Brandon-Gómez

Two years after a deadly virus wipes out the adult population of the Earth, the remaining youth fight each other and the airborne assassin as they struggle to survive in a lawless world. Can secretive loner Ravyn and a hodgepodge group of teens overcome mistrust of each other to uncover the biggest secret of all:… Continue reading TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Reading: Hoodz, by Christina Brandon-Gómez

TV Festival 1st Scene Reading: Outlier, by Jeremy Davis

An indentured freighter pilot fights for his freedom, but when a nation led by religious zealots tries to leverage his dark past to take over his outlier colony, our hero must lead an unlikely crew to reclaim his colony’s independence, as well as his own. CAST LIST: Narrator: Steve Rizzo

HIGHLIGHTS: November 2021 Web Series Festival

Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today. AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: Best Film: INFLUENCER Best Cinematography: INCOMPLETENESS Best Performances: DENISE & RAYMONDE Best Sound & Music: BETA Theme of night: Life Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: DENISE & RAYMONDE, 9min., Switzerland BETA, 12min., USA INCOMPLETENESS, 18min., USA INFLUENCER, 15min., Columbia SEED: PARADISE LOST,… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: November 2021 Web Series Festival

Short Film: DENISE & RAYMONDE, 9min., Switzerland

Two friends meet once a week to share their romantic setbacks with more or less judicious advice over a glass of wine and shots of tequila. Project Links  Instagram News & Reviews “Tournage en temps de Coronavirus”Radio Fréquence Jura

TV Series: BETA, 12min., USA

Angelina “Lini” is– was– Delta’s assistant. But now they’re… TBD. After Delta finds out her soul-sucking corporate consulting job is officially a dead end, Lini convinces her to pursue her daydream of becoming an “entrepreneur.” What begins as a strange work dynamic between an odd couple eventually grows into a beautiful friendship of two women… Continue reading TV Series: BETA, 12min., USA

Director BIO: David Ash (INCOMPLETENESS)

Prior INCOMPLETENESS, Ash wrote and directed three critically-acclaimed, award-winning feature films, all of which played at local, national, and international film festivals. His most recent feature, TWIN CITIES, won five “Best of Fest” awards out of the nine festivals where it screened, including the “Grand Jury Prize” at the Amsterdam Film Festival. The film was… Continue reading Director BIO: David Ash (INCOMPLETENESS)


A terminal cancer diagnosis leads a miserable workaholic on a self-indulgent quest to win back his pregnant-and-estranged wife and connect with his unborn son through a self-funded, semi-autobiographical movie about the meaning of life. All seven episodes of the first season have been completed. Provided here is the pilot episode. The rest of Season 1… Continue reading TV Series: INCOMPLETENESS, 18min., USA