Today’s Deadines for Writing Festival: Novel, Poetry, Feature and TV Screenplays

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DEADLINE Jan 31st: 1st CHAPTER/FULL NOVEL Festival. Get your story performed at the Writing Festival. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries. Novels Showcased in 2015: 45 Novels Performed 9 Novels Made into a Movie Plus, 12 Poems Made into a Movie Get FULL FEEDBACK on either the 1st chapter or…

Interview with 1st AD Mathew Dunne (War for the Planet of the Apes)

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The role of an Assistant Director on a film includes tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set.  It was a pure pleasure to sit down with 1st Assistant Director Mathew Dunne.…

January 2016 TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Winners

Deadline for Television Pilot/Spec Screenplay Festival:

Watch the 3 TV Screenplay Winners for January 2016:

Watch the Winning January 2016 Screenplay Readings:

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Deadline January 31st: FEATURE Screenplay Festival – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors: Watch WINNING Screenplay Readings – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors Watch the Winning January 2016 Screenplay Readings: Feature Screenplay – CRIME EXTRAORDINAIRE January 2016 Reading Written by Howard…

Tips to Produce a Movie

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HOW TO PRODUCE A FILM FILMMAKING NOTES FILM PRODUCTION – How to make a movie! – How to PRODUCE a film! – How to be the best Movie Producer A movie producer has the most important position in film production. Why? Because they start from the top, and…

Read Best of Interviews with Top Hollywood Film Crew and Festival Directors

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Read the best of Interviews this week.  Interviews from Matthew Toffolo  from WILDsound Interview with Stunt Performer James Cox (Star Wars VII, The Dark Knight Rise) Interview with Actor James Wallis (Shakespeare BASH’d) Interview with Graphic Designer Tina Charad (Maleficent, Fifty Shades of Grey) Interview with Festival Director Oscar Piloto…

Watch the January 2016 Winning Writing Festival Videos

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Watch all of the winning writings for January 2016. 1 novel made into a movie. 1 feature screenplay reading. 2 TV Pilots. 1 Spec screenplay. 4 novel readings. 2 1st scene screenplays. 2 short screenplays. 10 Twitter Short Stories. 12 Poetry Readings. Deadlines to Submit your Screenplay, Novel, Story, or…

Today’s Comedy Screenplay Reading: IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA by Keith Black

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Submit your Comedy Film & Screenplay to the Festival: IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “The Gang Commits Espionage” TV SPEC Written by Keith Black Read 10 Questions with the writers SYNOPSIS: ‘The Gang Commits Espionage’ is an Always Sunny in Philadelphia spec about the tumultuous management of the bar…

Drama Screenplay Reading of the Day: ERASER, TV Pilot by Kim Godfrey

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Submit your Drama Screenplay to the Festival: ERASER TV Pilot Written by Kim Godfrey Read 10 Questions with the writers SYNOPSIS: Two psychology students practice an illegal form of hypnotherapy that allows for the erasure of traumatic memories. Driven by opposing motivations, their…