Director Biography: Yuval David (ONE ACTOR SHORT)

Yuval David’s gift for bringing characters and complex narratives to life does not reside exclusively as an actor or host in front of the camera. As a masterful storyteller and acclaimed filmmaker Yuval consistently creates compelling content, producing, directing, and writing narrative films, episodic series, and documentaries. His work has earned him a plethora of… Continue reading Director Biography: Yuval David (ONE ACTOR SHORT)

Director Biography – Danielle Da Silva, Jeffrey Garriock (PWB SERIES: MOUNTAINS UNITED)

Danielle Khan Da Silva is an internationally-acclaimed and award-winning photographer//writer/director, as well as a conservationist, scholar and activist with mixed ancestry derived from Central/South Asia, Europe and Micronesia. Danielle is most passionate about using storytelling to connect people to the earth and to each other. Danielle was the first female photographer/director to be an artist-in-residence… Continue reading Director Biography – Danielle Da Silva, Jeffrey Garriock (PWB SERIES: MOUNTAINS UNITED)

Director Biography – Jamie Maule-ffinch (TITS UP)

I’m an award winning comedy commercials director from the U.K whose shot for a host of big brands all around the world. I’ve written spec sitcoms and movies. I’ve directed plays and short films the last of which – Morning After – won best comedy at the 2017 Discover Film festival. I’m currently working on… Continue reading Director Biography – Jamie Maule-ffinch (TITS UP)

Director Biography – CJ L Arellano (THE COAT ROOM)

C.J. ARELLANO is a Chicago-based award-winning screenwriter and director who specializes in queer-themed, comedic, and sci-fi content. He has directed several web series, including the gay sketch comedy project, John Loos: Too Big for This World, which screened at the New York Television Festival in July 2018. He has directed video for globally renowned brands… Continue reading Director Biography – CJ L Arellano (THE COAT ROOM)

Director Biography – Davide Carlini (TRATAK 1 – ANTARS)

Born in the field of colors, paints, graphics and industrial design, passionate about photography (already at 12 years used darkroom for the development of bw photos and graphics for silkscreen printing frames..) and music (studying self-taught piano and keyboards, enthusiast of blues, jazz, electronic and experimental music) and cinema (among most beloved filmmakers; Fernando di… Continue reading Director Biography – Davide Carlini (TRATAK 1 – ANTARS)

Director Biography – Kathy Kiany (SECOND HOME)

Kathy Kiany is an indie animation filmmaker based in Vancouver. She has worked as a motion designer for over 8 years, specializing in storytelling. After her immigration from Iran to Canada, she decided to take her skills a step further into the craft of filmmaking, pursuing the true passion of hers, animation. Her resent animation… Continue reading Director Biography – Kathy Kiany (SECOND HOME)

Director Biography – Danny Berish (RED CHEF REVIVAL)

In 2014, Daniel co-founded Black Rhino Creative, an award winning film production firm dedicated to sharing authentic, intimate and engaging short form documentaries for brands such as Leica Camera, Lululemon, ESPN, and Liz Arden. Most recently, he directed Red Chef Revival, a food and travel series exploring modern Indigenous cuisine. More than a cooking show,… Continue reading Director Biography – Danny Berish (RED CHEF REVIVAL)

Director BIO: Ken Lin (LEGAL FOX Webseries)

Ken Lin is a director, producer, and writer from New York City. He is a founding member of the Asian rap band The Notorious MSG, which has been profiled on MTV, The New York Times, NPR and other international media outlets. In 2018, he wrote and directed his first short film called “California Roll”, which… Continue reading Director BIO: Ken Lin (LEGAL FOX Webseries)

Director BIO: John McDonald (CROW’S PEAK)

Director Biography – John McDonald It was a hot summer’s evening on the twentieth day of June, 1995. In those dusk hours in a quiet little hospital in Hingham, Massachusetts, John McDonald was born. It wouldn’t be long until the young man learned how to read and write, and doing so inched him closer to his… Continue reading Director BIO: John McDonald (CROW’S PEAK)

Director BIO: Laura Commisso, Sarah Campbell (COOL GIRLS)

Director Biography – Laura Commisso, Sarah Campbell Soup&LO is a Canadian comedy duo founded by Sarah Campbell and Laura Commisso. Laura and Sarah met while studying Devised Theatre at York University. The two began taking classes at The Second City Training Centre in Toronto and quickly found a niche in improv and sketch comedy. In their… Continue reading Director BIO: Laura Commisso, Sarah Campbell (COOL GIRLS)