Director BIO: Ken Lin (LEGAL FOX Webseries)

Ken Lin is a director, producer, and writer from New York City. He is a founding member of the Asian rap band The Notorious MSG, which has been profiled on MTV, The New York Times, NPR and other international media outlets. In 2018, he wrote and directed his first short film called “California Roll”, which is currently screening at festivals throughout the US.

Short Film: LEGAL FOX: A TASTE OF TRUMP, 3min., USA Drama/Comedy


No matter what your political party affiliation we all can agree Donald Trump has been involved in some bizarre legal battles! Here we highlight a couple of our all-time favorites. In the first case, Trump sued Bill Maher for breach of contract when Maher failed to pay $5Million when Trump proved he was not the “spawn of his mother having sex with an Orangutan.” In the second, he threated to sue satirical publication “The Onion” when they published an irreverant opinion piece urging viewers to take solace in the fact that he will be dead soon.

Star BIO:

Shannon Harvey, Esq., (a.k.a. “Legal Fox”) is an attorney licensed in New York and Florida, U.S. She is now thrilled to combine her legal knowledge with her powerful passion for film, humor, and the Arts by creating, writing, and hosting “Legal Fox TV™” This fun and provocative web series consists of 2-5 minute episodes highlighting the ‘Lighter Side of Law.’

Shannon also serves as a speaker on various panels for the American Bar Association.

Legal Fox is also available for personalized shout-outs and messages on the progressive platform and latest craze,