2018 TV PILOT Winners (11)

WINNING TV PILOT Screenplay – FAMILY SECRETSFebruary 2018 Readingby Allison Osborne TV FAN FICTION PILOT: SCOOBY DOO: AGE OF AQUARIUSApril 2018 Readingby Katie Grotzinger GALAPAGOS – TV ScreenplayMay 2018 Readingby Lukas Hassel REMOTELY WORKING – Comedy TV ScreenplayMay 2018 Readingby Bill Baber HEADCASE – TV PILOT ScreenplayJune 2018 Readingby Christopher K. Jones Winning TV PILOT:… Continue reading 2018 TV PILOT Winners (11)

Winning TV SPEC Screenplay – BETTER CALL SAUL, by Jimmy Prosser

Genre: Crime, Drama Suspended lawyer Jimmy McGill endures community service at a high school where he meets an accused teen, while Mike searches for the distributor of Cheese, a popular new drug. Narrator: Val Cole Jimmy: Noah Casey Mike: David Schaap Bobby/Nacho: Gabriel Darku Talbot/Hector: Neil Bennett Secretary: Clare Blackwood Kim: Lauren Toffan Get to… Continue reading Winning TV SPEC Screenplay – BETTER CALL SAUL, by Jimmy Prosser

February 2016 TV Pilot/Spec Screenplay Winners

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Watch the 2 TV Screenplay Winners for February 2016:

TV PILOT Table Reading – MINDWALKER by Thorsten Loos

Andrew Kinderman, a loner and scifi geek without any friends, witnesses the murder of his neurobiology professor and is shot by the killers as well. His mind is catapulted out of his now comatose body and is ‘anchored’ to the only person he really cares about: The actress of his favourite mystery TV show, Australian beauty Anna Chastings. She is terrified when Andrew’s spirit manifests in her villa and thinks he’s a hallucination caused by too much work, but soon realizes this guy is really in trouble. When he accidentially overhears her boyfriend who is cheating on her, he manages to convince her that he is real by telling her about it. She starts to feel sympathy for him and agrees to fly back to New York to help Andrew return back to his body. As soon as they start to call hospitals in order to find Andrew’s body, they catch the attention of the FBI which is investigating the case and Anna ends up as a major suspect. Meanwhile, we learn Andrew’s professor had been working on some kind of mind control / precognition technology. A mysterious organization has stolen his research and is trying it on test persons. Part of the conspiracy is senior FBI agent William Curtis who doesn’t like the extra attention caused by a celebrity involved in the case he is trying to cover up.

TV PILOT Reading – LACIE BIDWELL by Jameel Khan

I really liked the idea of having a reading of the pilot. There is no substitute to hearing the words out loud. I plan to make several adjustments based on what I hear. As for the initial feedback, I thought it was solid. I don’t take one source of feedback at a time, but collect from several people and try to balance out personal tastes. Any piece of professional feedback is valuable to me.

Best Scene Reading of the TV Pilot ABSYNTHIA by Seregon O’Dassey

Logline: An attack on a mercenary airship, while on a seemingly innocent cargo run sends the lives of the Captain and her crew into their not so innocent pasts. Will the events that unfold destroy the future for everyone that the government has carefully and deliberately planned?

The crew (of the airship, The Absynthian) is five mercenaries operating under the direction of a secret Organization known as Tri-Aengle. They are on a random cargo run when they are attacked by a rival ship. After each crew member suffers par amnesia – to varying degrees – their random memories and experiences complicate their relationships

Watch the TV Spec Reading of DOCTOR WHO, by Mark Renshaw


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Watch TV SPEC Reading of RICK & MORTY, by Michael Kellner

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Classic Screenplay: Watch TV PILOT Reading “EARTHFALL” by Robert J. Sawyer (from 2009)

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