TV PILOT BEST SCENE: TWEED by Christopher Scott McClure, PhD.

  Genre: Drama A one hour televison drama. CAST LIST: Liya: Salma Dharsee Longfellow: Allan Michael Brunet Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss Victoria: Courtney Keir Ashley: Marissa Otto Sebastian: Zazu Oke ****** Producer: Matthew Toffolo Director: Matthew Toffolo Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne Editor: Kimberly Villarruel Camera Op: Mary Cox

Best Scene TV Screenplay: THE MESSIAH PROJECT, by David E. Baugnon


I was very curious to see how far it might advance and if there was anything in particular that’s been keeping this from actually getting made. The feedback was great and encouraging.

Best Scene Reading of the TV Pilot ABSYNTHIA by Seregon O’Dassey

Logline: An attack on a mercenary airship, while on a seemingly innocent cargo run sends the lives of the Captain and her crew into their not so innocent pasts. Will the events that unfold destroy the future for everyone that the government has carefully and deliberately planned?

The crew (of the airship, The Absynthian) is five mercenaries operating under the direction of a secret Organization known as Tri-Aengle. They are on a random cargo run when they are attacked by a rival ship. After each crew member suffers par amnesia – to varying degrees – their random memories and experiences complicate their relationships

Watch Best Scene of the TV PILOT: A THEATRE NEAR YOU

DEADLINE TODAY: Submit your best scene from your screenplay. Have it performed using professional actors: Watch Best Scene Reading of A THEATRE NEAR YOU, by Jason Reeves: SYNOPSIS: We follow Dany and his conflicts and struggles running a movie cinema. CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Susan Wilson DANNY – Neil Kulin CILLIAN – Adam McNamara… Continue reading Watch Best Scene of the TV PILOT: A THEATRE NEAR YOU