Best Scene Reading of the TV Pilot ABSYNTHIA by Seregon O’Dassey

Logline: An attack on a mercenary airship, while on a seemingly innocent cargo run sends the lives of the Captain and her crew into their not so innocent pasts. Will the events that unfold destroy the future for everyone that the government has carefully and deliberately planned?

The crew (of the airship, The Absynthian) is five mercenaries operating under the direction of a secret Organization known as Tri-Aengle. They are on a random cargo run when they are attacked by a rival ship. After each crew member suffers par amnesia – to varying degrees – their random memories and experiences complicate their relationships

TV PILOT Reading – LIFE IN THE FAST LANE by Debi Calabro

LIFE IN THE FAST LANE is the January 2016 winning TV Pilot. Watch the table reading performed by professional actors. TV PILOT: LIFE IN THE FAST LANE by Debi Calabro CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne JESSIE – Maya Woloszyn SAL – Christopher Huron MARIA/SONIA – Mandy May Cheetham JAMES/RYAN – Nick Baillie SCARECROW/MICHAEL –… Continue reading TV PILOT Reading – LIFE IN THE FAST LANE by Debi Calabro

TV Reading of the Day: VEEP TV Show Spec by Emily Cirillo

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Watch the TV SPEC Screenplay of VEEP by Emily Cirillo

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Watch TV PILOT Reading: ERASER by Kim Godfrey

Two psychology students practice an illegal form of hypnotherapy that allows for the erasure of traumatic memories. Driven by opposing motivations, their ambitions lead them into a violent and exploitative criminal underworld. As they spiral down, one man struggles to maintain his sense of morality while the other struggles to maintain sanity.