HIGHLIGHTS: August 2022 TV Web Series Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today. Audience Award Winners:Best TV Web Series: SLEEP WITH MEBest Performances: RATT’S LIFEBest Animation: POGO IS BORED Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film: SLEEP WITH ME, 20min., Canada, DramaDirected by Charles GrenierLaurence is struggling to recover from the accidental death of Camille, her 6-year-old daughter.… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: August 2022 TV Web Series Festival

This week’s FilmFreeway discount codes – Use 50% off codes

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This week’s FilmFreeway discount codes – Use 50% off codes ROMANCE & RELATIONSHIPS FESTIVAL https://filmfreeway.com/RomanceFestival 50% off code – romance Toronto FEMALE Film Festival https://filmfreeway.com/TorontoFemaleFeedbackFilmFestivalTOFFFF 50% off code: 50female FANTASY/SCI-FI Film & Screenplay Festival TOP 100 Best Reviews Festival in the world https://filmfreeway.com/FantasySciFiFilmScreenplayFestival 50% off code: scififantasy50 WILDsound Film &…

Watch the MUSIC Short Festival NOW (Free or $1)

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There are two ways to watch the festival. You can buy just the festival for $1 and have 48 hours to watch it: https://www.wildsound.ca/packages/daily-film-festivals/videos/music-film-festival-july-5th Or, you can sign up directly on the APP http://www.wildsound.ca or go directly to the festival screening page: https://www.wildsound.ca/videos/music-film-festival-july-5th See the Full…

LISTEN podcasts from Documentary Festival Filmmakers. Then watch festival

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PANDALAND – Martha Davishttps://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/june-22-2022-filmmaker-martha-davis-pandaland-making/id1406973270?i=1000567337013 SAVIOR OF CONEY ISLAND – Gary Beeberhttps://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/july-3-2022-filmmaker-gary-beeber-the-savior-of-coney-island/id1406973270?i=1000568639591 L.A. RISES – Oliver Poncehttps://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/july-2-2022-filmmaker-oliver-ponce-l-a-rises/id1406973270?i=1000568638714 Watch festival at http://www.wildsound.ca https://twitter.com/wildsoundpod/status/1544168337244045314

Winning ENVIRONMENTAL Festival SHORT Screenplay: SENIOR DITCH DAY, by Matthew Nicholson

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https://youtu.be/QqXKXkweXbc An elderly woman plans an escape from her nursing home to keep a promise to her late husband during a once-in-a-lifetime meteorological event. CAST LIST: Narrator: Steve Rizzo Ruth/Hudson: Val Cole Iris/Nurse Johnson: Kyana Teresa Gwen/Stacy: Hannah Ehman Harvey/Jerry: Sean Ballantyne

Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival 1st SCENE Reading: Spasm Plague, by David C. Cooper

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https://youtu.be/LvYO7tv28JU Synopsis: In this feature, we follow Nick Pettybaker – a sleep-deprived researcher at the University of California who is racing against the clock to complete the “Dome,” a highly advanced machine that can locate and kill brain cancer. After some failed initial attempts, he’s given…

Winning FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene TV Reading: VIKE, by Adam Kelly Morton

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https://youtu.be/hJ14RfWr4nM Where fantasy meets procedural mystery, a cantankerous Chief Constable must solve crimes AND judge them in a dark and dangerous metropolis. Vike struggles with his own addictions and fears while up against the Arklanen: an underground guild of dark magic, responsible for the death of…

Winning WILDsound Festival TV PILOT Best Scene Reading: Victorian Justice- The Case of John Anderson

Written by Philip William Augustine, Jacob Sampson, Alexandra Augustine John Anderson, escapes from slavery in Missouri via the Underground Railway leaving behind his family. During the course of his escape, he stabs Seneca Diggs, a white man, who attempts to capture him in Missouri. Anderson successfully escapes to Canada, but American slave-catchers follow him and… Continue reading Winning WILDsound Festival TV PILOT Best Scene Reading: Victorian Justice- The Case of John Anderson