TV Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: SECOND CROSSING, by James Howells

A rip into a Parallel Universe has opened above a small Colorado town dropping a corpse from the sky and dumping a German U-Boat into a forest. This rip has reinvigorated shady industrialist Frank DeWitt who rules the town with an iron fist. What a first day for new sheriff Jaimie and her new to town undersheriff, Azmi.

Narrator: Julie Sheppard
Jaime: Kyana Teresa
Lester: Allan Michael Brunet
Azmi: Steve Rizzo
Bus Driver/Dewitt: Sean Ballantyne

TV FESTIVAL 1st Scene Script Reading: Letterkenny: “Dary’s Super-soft Poem”, by Jay Servedio

The hicks help Dary write a poem to woo a “cultured lass”; The hockey players run a bake sale for new jerseys.

Narrator: Julie Sheppard
Wayne: Allan Michael Brunet
Daryl: Steve Rizzo
Squirrley: Bill Poulin
Katy: Kyana Teresa