TV PILOT Reading – LACIE BIDWELL by Jameel Khan



NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
LACIE – Elizabeth Owens Skidmore
CHALMERS – Nick Baillie
HOPE – Maya Woloszyn
JEFF/BEN – Jovan Kocic
DAVID/OMAR – Christopher Huron
SAITO – Mandy May Cheetham

Get to know writer Jameel Khan:

Matthew Toffolo: What is your screenplay about?

Jameel Khan: It’s about a girl who’s father created a zombie virus that killed thousands. It’s twelve years later and she’s in college and still has to deal with being the daughter of one of the most hated men in the world. She tries to move on an live a relatively normal life. But when a mysterious USB drive shows up in her dorm room, she learns that her father may have been setup. Lacie must try to balance her college life while uncovering a mystery that leads her into a far more dangerous and stranger world than she ever imagined.

Matthew: Why should this screenplay be made into a TV show?

Jameel: There is a rich world with compelling characters allowing for long format storytelling. I believe the themes of identity and finding our place in this world are universal. And it’s just plain fun.

Matthew: How would you describe this script in two words?

Jameel: Mutant fun.

Matthew: What TV show(s) do you keep watching over and over again?

Jameel: Lost, Battlestar, Buffy, Parks and Rec, really so many. I might have a problem.

Matthew: How long have you been working on this screenplay?

Jameel: 3 months.

Matthew: How many stories have you written?

Jameel: Dozens if you count short stories.

Matthew: What motivated you to write this screenplay?

Jameel: The initial seed that compelled me was to tell a story of what it would be like to be the child of a Hitler, or any infamous bad guy.

Matthew: What obstacles did you face to finish this screenplay?

Jameel: My biggest obstacle is always the same. It’s the letting it go and releasing it out into the world. At some point you got to stop tinkering.

Matthew: Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

Jameel: Pretty much anything geek.

Matthew: What influenced you to enter the festival? What were your feelings on the initial feedback you received?

Jameel: I really liked the idea of having a reading of the pilot. There is no substitute to hearing the words out loud. I plan to make several adjustments based on what I hear. As for the initial feedback, I thought it was solid. I don’t take one source of feedback at a time, but collect from several people and try to balance out personal tastes. Any piece of professional feedback is valuable to me.

Matthew: Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Jameel: Do the work.

Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Editor: John Johnson

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

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