Director BIO: Laura Commisso, Sarah Campbell (COOL GIRLS)

Director Biography – Laura Commisso, Sarah Campbell

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Soup&LO is a Canadian comedy duo founded by Sarah Campbell and Laura Commisso.

Laura and Sarah met while studying Devised Theatre at York University. The two began taking classes at The Second City Training Centre in Toronto and quickly found a niche in improv and sketch comedy. In their fourth year at York, they founded Soup&LO. They are currently in post-production of season two of their original web series, titled COOL GIRLS.

Director Statement

Cool Girls is a humorous new take on today’s millennial generation and our obsession with being noticed and liked. Everything from our outfits to our breakfasts are well-thought-out, curated, and documented. Everything Amber-Mae does is for the purpose of impressing other people, and simply proving that she is in fact, cool. All the while, Terri-Lynn is trying desperately to keep up. Cool Girls is important because as outrageous and unreasonable as these two girls are, they are shockingly relatable. They are us today, clumsily navigating through a strange new world of self-branding and social-status upkeep. Not only does Amber and Terri’s partnership give us permission to step back and laugh at ourselves, it also reminds us that maybe we’re not so cool after all.

Web Series: COOL GIRLS “HOW TO THROW A GIRLS NIGHT OUT”, 8min., Canada, TV Webseries/Comedy

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After a tragic “breakup” with her love interest, James, Amber convinces Terri to end her long distance relationship with Tom. In turn, the two decide to throw an emergency girls night. Amber preps Terri for the occasion.

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