TV Festival Testimonial – May 16 2020

Screenwriter Kayla Kristofco (BOJACK HORSEMAN)

I was just looking around for festivals that would accept spec scripts, and I was also looking for a festival that would provide feedback. I thought that the feedback I got was very helpful and encouraging. There were concrete examples of areas in which I can improve. I will definitely use the advice for future screenplays.

Watch the Screenplay Reading;

Overview: One of the best things about this script is that you were willing to take chances and they certainly paid off. Bojack, Princess Carolyn, Diane, and Todd are at the core of this episode. Each begins with very different expectations and perspectives than they end with and the overall plotline is something that fans will immediately connect with.


Narrator: Andrea Irwin Irwin Irwin

Waiter: Thomas Fournier
Mr. Peanutbutter: Jolly Amaoko
Diane: Delphine Roussel
Bojack Annaleigh: Steven Holmberg
Princess Carolyn: Katelyn Varadi
Todd: Logan Forsyth Freeman

By tvfestival

Monthly Festival showcasing new TV Pilots and TV Spec Screenplays. All submissions receive full feedback. Winners get their script performed by professional actors and shown online.

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