TV PILOT Screenplay – Digital Natives by Adam Preston

Watch the August 2016 Winning TV PILOT screenplay. Digital Natives  by Adam Preston Genre: Comedy, Sitcom When it all goes wrong for Phil Burrows he moves to London’s trendy Shoreditch district to reinvent himself as an on-the-pulse hipster in the place where it’s all happening. Not so hip or on-the-pulse is the fact that this… Continue reading TV PILOT Screenplay – Digital Natives by Adam Preston

Watch TV Web Series: Hey You, It’s Me

Watch the 2016 winning TV Web Series: HEY YOU, IT’S ME. It will be showcased at the Los Angeles FEEDBACK Film Festival in November 2016.


TV Sitcom Pilot Reading – MAILROOMIES by Jacques Edeline

Watch the April 2016 TV PILOT Screenplay Winner. MAILROOMIES by Jacques Edeline Genre: Comedy Synopsis: Pilot about a young man (Charlie) who starts at the bottom of the food chain in the Hollywood industry. CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Sean Kaufmann CHARLIE – Dennis Barham PAT – Noah Casey ZOE – Sandra Krstin MEG/TIA – Kiran… Continue reading TV Sitcom Pilot Reading – MAILROOMIES by Jacques Edeline

TV Pilot Sitcom Reading – REC’D by Chris Courtney Martin

In the pilot, we meet our hero Petey and her friends. Petey has to deal with training this guy who broke her heart. Her best friend, Leya, has to prepare an assignment while on her shift. We get sucked into this bizarre Twilight Zone that is work-study. It’s like a half-step between being a kid and an adult because you’re balancing school and work. When you’re a kid, school is always supposed to come first. When you’re an adult, other than your family, work is top priority. The pilot introduces us to that world. We also get to see Petey make an adult decision in how she handles Ryan, this guy she slept with last year. She can be petty or she can be professional, that’s where this decision-making comes into play again.

TV SPEC of the show THE BIG BANG THEORY by David Minaskanian

Being able to see the script performed by professionals. The feedback was very helpful and I highly recommend others enter the festival.

Watch the Winning 2015 Comedy TV Spec Screenplays

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