Winning TV Pilot Screenplay – EMERGENCY PSYCHIATRIST SERVICE by Holly Scarabosio

Psychiatric nurse Helena moves from Milwaukee to San Francisco to take a new job — accompanied by her fiancé Jake. They plan to start a new life together — she as a psychiatric nurse at a prominent EPS—Emergency Psychiatric Services; he as a computer tech and would-be writer.  Plans don’t always work out. CAST LIST:  Gayton:… Continue reading Winning TV Pilot Screenplay – EMERGENCY PSYCHIATRIST SERVICE by Holly Scarabosio

Watch the TV SPEC Reading of the Disney Show “JESSIE”

Deadline October 15th for Television Pilot/Spec Screenplay Festival

Watch TV SPEC: COUGAR TOWN “Jammin’ Me” by Felicity Flesher

Deadline: TV PILOT/SPEC Script Festival – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

TV Pilot Reading: SEX THERAPY by Michelle J Brezinski and Doug Carter

The TV Festival offered a ton of support, gave exceptional feedback, respected the voice of the artist, and all it’s parts just seemed to fit..

TV SPEC Performance Reading of FAMILY GUY Show by Dave Chan (plus interview)

I think WILDsound is an outstanding festival. To have your work read aloud and showcased on the internet is amazing! And the folks who run the festival are super cool. I had a very full plate at one point this year, and they were very patient and encouraging with my rewrite submission.

TV SPEC Performance Reading of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA SHOW by Keith Black (plus interview

I came across the WILDsound Festival after I completed my Spec and received positive feedback from those I trusted to read it critically. I decided that it was time to take my writing more seriously, and WILDsound had tremendous reviews when it came to acquiring an agent/manager.