Winning TV Screenplays for March 2018

Watch readings of the winning screenplays performed by professional actors: TV SPEC Screenplay of the show TRANSPARENTMarch 2018 Readingby Marisaa Lessman TV 1st Scene Screenplay – JAKOB’S COVEMarch 2018 Readingby Travis Darkow TV 1st Scene Screenplay – TOUCHMarch 2018 Readingby Robert Cox TV Best Scene Screenplay – WHAT THE HELLMarch 2018 Readingby Melissa Willis ****… Continue reading Winning TV Screenplays for March 2018

TV SPEC Reading – BROOKLYN NINE NINE by Linsen Oyosa

I was searching for festivals to which I could present my work. I had no idea that my script would even be good enough. I just wanted to hear some feedback. When I got the feedback, I was extremely happy because it was very detailed and helped me improve my work and of course, I was accepted into the festival.

TV SPEC Performance Reading of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA SHOW by Keith Black (plus interview

I came across the WILDsound Festival after I completed my Spec and received positive feedback from those I trusted to read it critically. I decided that it was time to take my writing more seriously, and WILDsound had tremendous reviews when it came to acquiring an agent/manager.

Watch FAUST – Winning TV Pilot Performance Reading

Submit your TV PILOT or TV SPEC to the Writing Festival and get your script performed. FULL FEEDBCACK

Watch Winning GIRLS TV Spec Performance Reading


Written by Yolanda R. Easiley


HANNAH – Jillian Cameron
MARNIE – Erynn Brook
JESSA – Graciela Alexandra Martinez
ADAM – John Marcucci
TOM – Peter Bent
RAY – Rob Salerno