TV SPEC Reading – BROOKLYN NINE NINE by Linsen Oyosa

I was searching for festivals to which I could present my work. I had no idea that my script would even be good enough. I just wanted to hear some feedback. When I got the feedback, I was extremely happy because it was very detailed and helped me improve my work and of course, I was accepted into the festival.

TV PILOT Reading: WILD MAGIC by Julie Nichols

Watch the June 2016 Winning TV PILOT. WILD MAGIC ┬áby Julie Nichols SYNOPSIS: Genre: Family, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy A female teenager enters a typical High School and is immediately challenged by bully. Unbeknown to her she has the ability to do magic. It’s Buffy meets ABC Family. CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Val Cole BRITTANY –… Continue reading TV PILOT Reading: WILD MAGIC by Julie Nichols