TV Best Scene Reading of The Dead Ringer by Suzanne Lutas

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the mistress of a London-based Chinese Triad boss, an ordinary waitress is trained by the MI5 to infiltrate the gang and bring them down. Genre: Action, Thriller CAST LIST: Alex – Alex Clay Boss – Russell Batcher Narration – Pip Dwyer Mei Li – Vanessa Burns Scar Faced Man –… Continue reading TV Best Scene Reading of The Dead Ringer by Suzanne Lutas

Watch the TV SPEC Reading of the Disney Show “JESSIE”

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Watch TV SPEC: COUGAR TOWN “Jammin’ Me” by Felicity Flesher

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Watch Winning TV PILOT Performance Read – FAUST by Niel Thompson


Detective Amelia Faust is a wizard, the last wizard. It is her job to protect humanity from what is left of the supernatural. Abby is a young girl who can’t go home. She becomes Faust’s assistant. The two fight and defeat an ancient vampire, mummy queen and Faust decides to take Abby on as an apprentice.

Watch FAUST – Winning TV Pilot Performance Reading

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