July 9 2018 – TV Festival Testimonial

Courtney Ross
Courtney Ross

Received feedback. Always insightful to hear what people have to contribute about your work. Thank you for creating this outlet; it is incredibly useful to any writer/director/web series creator. Very constructive. Much appreciated.

5 Star Review

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HEINOUS GIRLS, 5min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy
Directed by Eugene SmirchTwo ladies join a gang to excuse their already erratic behaviour.

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June 26 2018 – TV Festival Testimonial

Shannon Harvey

Very well organized and well attended. We received valuable feedback from the diverse audience. The moderator was great and jump started their participation. I definitely recommend it for all creators and filmmakers!

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of LEGAL FOX:

HIGHLIGHTS: June 2018 Web Series Festival






Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterSOUNDS OF FREEDOM, 5min, USA, TV WEB SERIES/Drama

festival posterHEINOUS GIRLS, 5min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

festival posterCOOL GIRLS “HOW TO THROW A GIRLS NIGHT OUT”, 8min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

festival posterCROW’S PEAK, 4min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Animation/Comedy

festival posterLEGAL FOX: A TASTE OF TRUMP, 3min., USA Drama/Comedy

festival posterOTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN, 5min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

The theme of the June 2018 WEB SERIES FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto was “Invisible Obstacles”. Every single film was about characters needing to overcome conflicts that really didn’t exist..

Web Series are the now and future of media and film festivals. So I was very honored to show 6 of the best TV webisodes in the world today. The great thing about this festival is that there is more to come for the audience if they like. Simply put the titles of these shows into your google machine and you can watch many episodes of each.

This is what’s so cool about this particular festival. The night doesn’t end when the festival is over.

The first ever FEEDBACK Festival where the entire program was already on the web for people to watch before they entered the cinema. So this night was really about the audience feedback section and getting a nice promotional video for the filmmaking team who made these shows.

Great night all around. Many more Web Series Festivals to come.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

SOUNDS OF FREEDOM Web Series – FEEDBACK from the June 2018 TV Festival

Directed by Holly Chadwick

Sounds of Freedom is a web series about Julia, a service woman who returns from the Iraq war, and Vietnam Veteran Charlie. Both suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. From their jobs at the local newspaper, and through a series of flashbacks and sessions with a common therapist, these two veterans are challenged to the max when a serial killer strikes at home.

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Comedy Web Series: GOOF, by William Chandler Jr.

Title: GOOF

Written by: William Chandler Jr.

Genre: Comedy


LOGLINE: A baited young, adult, male directs four other children, in a plot to kill their fathers, in order to bring the devil to Earth, and start the apocalypse.

Synopsis: Jared has a complex relationship, with his father Michael. They are different in every way, only Michael finds these differences, when they appear, very annoying. He beats Jared’s mind, into putty, for every disparity. The near teen child goes to middle school and discovers four other children, with fathers that abuse their children, either mentally, or physically. They initially joined forces to help support each other, through the hard times. However, they run into another student, Red Clayton, who first teaches the kids how to fight, with a special ability Red “gives” them, and then encourages each kid to consider killing their father, as payment for these abilities. In the end, they discover Clayton is the devil, in a temporary, youthful, human form, their father’s were responsible for the Devil’s initial fall, indirectly, and are special fighters against the evil forces, and the children weigh the idea of starting the apocalypse, or finding forgiveness for their fathers’ ways.

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Watch Audience FEEDBACK of the Web Series BELUSHI’S TOILET

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Submit your Web Series Show to the Festival Today and get it showcased:

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BELUSHI’S TOILET – EPISODE 1, 12min, Canada, Future/Drama
Directed by Andrew Wright

In the not so distant future, a group of friends risk their sanity to create the perfect new drug.


Mark Nocent
Alex Frankson
Hayden Finkelshtain
Emmanuel Correia

Directed By Andrew Wright
Written By Andrew Wright
Screenplay By Andrew Wright
Produced By Chris Kay