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Read Today’s Feature Film Pitches:

Title: Do Not Trust in Man
Written by: Andy Bethea
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Drama

Title: When Planning Your Best Friend’s Wedding
Written by: Courtney Cunningham
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy

Title: The Port of San Pedro
Written by: Cleo Valente
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Title: Love in Ireland
Written by: Anni Pea
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Romance, Drama

Title: Artinia: The Journey of Three Island Princesses
Written by: Sheilane Marsh
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Title: Money is Power
Written by: Ruben Alvarado
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

Title: Divot McDowell
Written by: Will Martin
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Title: EKTA
Written by: Ajiesh Thuvanoor

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