TV PILOT Pitch: Anhedonia, by Ingrid D

WILDsound Festival


ACTORTitle: Anhedonia

Written by: Ingrid D


Genre: Drama, Musical

Logline: A depressive jazz dancer decides she will commit suicide when she blindly sets the alarm of her death date – a year from now on her telephone, if she does find success.

Synopsis: This is the story, an aspiring dancer who comes back from a late night and makes the decision to write in her phone calendar, 1 year from now to kill herself. A simple suicide note. A decision to end everything.

Melody is aspiring to become a dancer, extremely talented and qualified, but is constantly rejected because of her square body. She doesn’t have the traditional waif ballerina morphology, instead she is too muscular, too tall and too black for the castings. She appears to be positive but hides the fact that she is a highly functional depressive person suppressing deep feelings from…

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Author: tvfestival

Monthly Festival showcasing new TV Pilots and TV Spec Screenplays. All submissions receive full feedback. Winners get their script performed by professional actors and shown online.

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