TV Pitch: SuperHeroin by Brian Du

WILDsound Festival

ACTORTitle: SuperHeroin

Written by: Brian Du

Type: TV Show

Genre: Action, Crime, Fantasy

Logline: Yuki discovers she has superpowers when under the influence, but fighting crime is not easy when you’re also fighting drug addiction.

Synopsis: YUKI, a young woman living in a prosperous, metropolitan city discovers she has superpowers one day. However, she can only manifest her powers when under the influence of drugs. Different drugs give her different powers. Doing “speed” gives here super speed. When she “drops acid,” she can literally drop acid! With her newfound abilities, Yuki decides to take to the streets to fight crime. But what’s the benefit, when she must continuously submit herself to psychological damage? How can Yuki fight crime when she must also fight addiction? Every time she saves the city, she loses a part of herself. To make matters worse, Yuki’s own sister stands in her way. Older sister SUKI…

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Author: tvfestival

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