Top 10 Rules for Writing for TV

Character Development

  1. Know your audiencUnknown.jpege

In order to have a successful television show,
you need to know what demographic you are writing for. If you want to write a children’s show, you have to direct your content and themes for children. However, if you’re doing a show for an older audience, you have more leeway with the words and topics you choose to focus on within your show, like drugs, addiction, sex, etc. Once you know your audience, you can also market to them through social media, ads, or whatever works for that demographic.

  1. Have characters want something

A main part of a television show is about what the main characters want from life. An example from this would be in Grey’s Anatomy, the main characters start off as interns, who are trying to succeed as doctors and learning their place in the medical world. On the other hand, in

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