Clearly My Standards for a Good Finale Differ from Normal People’s: Or, Why the ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Girls’ Finales Are Great

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

The Wrap did a list of ‘7 of the Worst Finales,’ and while I don’t take these lists seriously, I do think this one reflects some general consensuses in the world of TV viewers—namely, that the Seinfeld and, I guess, Girls finales sucked. Somehow this gets under my skin in a way that few general judgements of pop culture do. I keep thinking: What do you people want in a finale?

The Wrap piece vaguely concludes that the Seinfeld finale “was just weird.” Again, this feels like an accurate reflection of what I’ve heard from people while out on book tour discussing Seinfeldia. I inevitably get questions about the famously reviled finale, and I often ask for a show of hands as to who liked it and who didn’t; the vast majority hated it. However, when I ask more questions, it emerges that few people have watched the finale…

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