DRAMA TV Show of the Day: LOOSE THREADS, by Celeste Martinez


ACTORTitle: Loose Threads

Written by: Celeste Martinez

Type: TV Series

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Logline: In this absurd drama, a mysterious Bureau reunites two sisters but they just can’t get over the fact that one is black and the other is white.

Synopsis: Episode 1 – Two women arrive separately to the Bureau of Reunification for the appointment of a lifetime: they are meeting their birth mothers. Unknowingly they enter another world which operates according to its own absurd rules. Then, they are notified that they are sisters.

Episode 2 – The women are shocked by their newfound relationship and how it goes against everything they know about race and identity. They are instructed to seek further assistance at the Office of Inquiries. But, in this world, it’s not that simple. Suddenly they are on a quest through the halls of the Bureau. Racial tensions that had been simmering come to head.

Episode 3 – In the heat of their argument the women become trapped. Confined, they are forced to get to know each other. They realize they share a lot in common. Still, they’re reluctant to accept that they are sisters. Salvation arrives when a Bureau page comes and leads them to meet the Director of the Bureau.

Episode 4 – At the Director’s office the women receive proof that they are more than sisters, they are twins! Just when they come to accept and welcome this surprising news, they get additional information which threatens to turn everything upside down. Their adventure at the Bureau has more significance than either of them could have imagined.

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