The Rise of Skywalker: Let’s talk about plot twists — Geek Maude

Now that ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ is available on Disney +, I’ve had the time to sit down and re-watch it for the first time since I first saw it in theatres. If you’ve talked to anyone about this movie or even just existed online when it first came out, you are probably aware that there is a lot of criticism surrounding the film. Personally, while I really enjoy some of the individual scenes, I found that the overall plot doesn’t really work as a cohesive whole. The many plot twists of the movie, like Palpatine being alive, Rey being his granddaughter, or general Hux being the spy, didn’t make the movie more exciting or enjoyable for me. Instead, my reactions were more along the line of “wait, seriously?” or “how does that even work?”

via The Rise of Skywalker: Let’s talk about plot twists — Geek Maude

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