Director Biography – Joe Stanton Kelly (SASSY)

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Joe Stanton Kelly is a filmmaker based in Austin, TX. Growing up in a theater family in Rockford, IL influenced his ability to shine in front of an audience and tell a good story. Inspired by a literal dream to create an animated love story, Joe moved to Austin in 2013 where the film industry was growing. He connected with the talented actors and crew in Central Texas while selling movie cameras and he has written and worked on over 10 short films. Many of the films have won awards, including the 2017 Audience Award Winner for San Antonio 48 Film Project (Writer, Director). The short, SaaSy, is the first film Joe has written, directed and produced. He’s looking forward to directing more comedy films and ultimately completing his initial dream of producing a universal, animated love story, One Day of Love.

Director Statement

We tell stories to to evoke an emotional response in viewers. Characters must be relatable to the audience to make them feel. That is why I only make comedies and love stories. I want those who see my films to laugh and fall in love with people. That way, they are happier than they were when they entered the theater.


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