Director BIO: Andrés Arias García (INFLUENCER)

Professional in Communication Sciences with international studies in Film Direction and Executive Production, creator, filmmaker and TV director of documentaries and series. Andrés Arias García has more than 15 years of experience writing and directing in public channels in Colombia. He has achieved recognition for his innovation and original point of view approaching ethnographic, cultural, social and dance related themes.

Director Statement

A couple of years ago, various city´s of my country (Colombia), was submerged in violence. The peaceful demonstrations of all citizens gradually grew in hatred and indignation towards the government, until one day, a young student who came out to protest was killed by the police. From there, our society exploded… the social networks close to the government did everything possible to divert attention. Then I realized that in any country in Latin America or the rest of the world, is urgent to think about the possibility that citizens are manipulated every day by social networks, and in consequence, our political participation ends up being a mere illusion. All these questions triggered in me the desire to create INFLUENCER, not only to make a clear criticism about the naive use and hidden power of social networks but also to question the role of young people in today’s society.

By tvfestival

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