Director BIO: David Ash (INCOMPLETENESS)

Prior INCOMPLETENESS, Ash wrote and directed three critically-acclaimed, award-winning feature films, all of which played at local, national, and international film festivals. His most recent feature, TWIN CITIES, won five “Best of Fest” awards out of the nine festivals where it screened, including the “Grand Jury Prize” at the Amsterdam Film Festival. The film was distributed in fall, 2018, by Summer Hill Films on Amazon Prime. A more in-depth review of Ash’s filmmaking career can be found via this 7-minute profile from the Twin Cities PBS Emmy-winning series Minnesota Originals:

Director Statement

INC0MPLETENESS is a short-from series dramedy and an experiment in a different type of storytelling.

The main character of the series is Alex, a dying man on a quest to direct a semi-autobiographical movie about the meaning of life for his estranged wife and their soon-to-be-born son.

Utilizing an innovative metanarrative structure, the series weaves and overlaps many storylines from Alex and his obsessive and disturbed screenwriter, Paul, as well as the actors portraying the characters that each man’s real-life narrative inspires.

As Alex and Paul’s personal lives develop and change, as well as those of the actors, the lives of the characters in the film are rewritten, ultimately changing their histories. This editing-life-as-it-goes storytelling allows us to explore many themes, metaphysical theories and unique storytelling techniques to both engage the audience and give great depth to the characters.

More specifically, as what is “real” and what is fiction further blur in increasingly layered ways within the unique structure, the series provides a deeper exploration into how we construct our identity and create meaning in our life out of the thin air of our unexplained consciousness.

In addition to illuminating how each of us continually creates and re-creates what we call the “self”, the series will further branch from this investigation into elucidating the fascinating fictions of free will and time, all of which govern our perception of what is real and true and beg the ultimate question within the series, but also life itself — who, or what, is actually in control?

Delving a level deeper into the hidden underworld that informs our construction of reality, there will be nothing else like it.

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