Short Script Reading: WALK WITH THE DEVIL by Alison C Hall (plus interview)

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Short Script Reading: WALK WITH THE DEVIL:


NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
OFELIA – Victoria Kucher
JULIET – Marsha Mason
RAMONA – Lorry Ayers
DON ANTONIO – Allan Brunet
PINCERS – Dan Cristofori
JULIET – Adam Martignetti
GOON – Geoff Mays

Get to know writer Alison C. Hall:

1. What is your screenplay about?

Walk with the Devil is a supernatural drama in which a young sex slave must choose between kidnapping a girl for her pimp or suffer his vicious abuse — all the while fully aware of the Devil’s eyes on her, waiting for her fall.

2. Why should this script be made into a movie?

The script should be made into a movie because it presents a universal moral dilemma (i.e. using others for one’s own interests), an unusual female character as protagonist (an abused prostitute) and it has a unique setting (a Sicilian…

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TV SPEC Performance Reading of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA SHOW by Keith Black (plus interview

I came across the WILDsound Festival after I completed my Spec and received positive feedback from those I trusted to read it critically. I decided that it was time to take my writing more seriously, and WILDsound had tremendous reviews when it came to acquiring an agent/manager.



NARRATOR – Lorry Ayers
DENNIS – Geoff Mays
MAC – Dan Cristofori
FRANK – Allan Brunet
CHARLIE – Adam Martignetti
DEE – Marsha Mason
SPANISH WOMAN – Victoria Kucher

Matthew Toffolo interviews winning writer Keith Black:

Matthew: What is your TV SPEC about?

Keith: ‘The Gang Commits Espionage’ is an Always Sunny in Philadelphia spec about the tumultuous management of the bar and the group as a whole. Desperate for order, they seek out different political practices in hopes of organizing their chaos, and proving who is best fit as their leader.

Matthew: Why does this script work and fit into the context of this TV show?

Keith: I believe this script is so well suited for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” because it stays true to the characters personalities and their core values. Which are shrouded by their own self arrogance and misguided decision making.

Matthew: How long have you been writing stories?

Keith: I have been writing scripts for about five years now. However I have been writing comedy for around 10-12 years. Anyone who knows me, knows that there is a little book in my pocket where I jot down inspiration on a daily basis.

Matthew: What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Keith: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

Matthew: What artists would you love to work with?

Keith: “Artist” is a loosely defined term, so I will skirt the line in my answer. If I ever had the opportunity to write with Larry David, I believe I would be able to advance my talents to an entirely different level. His perception of the world parallels my own, and his talents far exceed them. I am sure I could learn a lot from him.

Matthew: How many stories/screenplays have you written?

Keith: I have written four pilots and their corresponding second episodes, and two spec scripts. I also am currently in development of my fifth pilot and have over 60 comedy sketches for UCB and Groundlings shows prepared. Along with numerous stand up routines. The writing never stops.

Matthew: What motivated you to write this screenplay?

Keith: I have had the opportunity to work with some of the team from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and it was through their raw passion for comedy, and their willingness to test the boundaries of political correctness that I was inspired. I assumed that if I could match their skill, I would be able to prove my talent as a young writer.

Matthew: Describe your process; do you have a set routine, method for writing?

Keith: Writing for me is habitual. It is simply part of who I am now. I wake up, brush my teeth, jot down ideas, think about them throughout the day, come home and develop them if I still like them. The only way to advance is to be relentless in my pursuit and I believe I am.

Matthew: Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

Keith: Above all else, creating is my passion. Taking an idea, a random thought, and developing it into something people love and enjoy is what drives me. Since moving to LA in 2010, I have produced and assistant directed two feature films (PHIN and ToY), and have had the opportunity to produce over 2600 hours of live TV (NFL Network/FOX). Although these are not specific to writing, they are creative, and that is my core passion.

Matthew: What influenced you to enter the WILDsound Festival?

Keith: I came across the WILDsound Festival after I completed my Spec and received positive feedback from those I trusted to read it critically. I decided that it was time to take my writing more seriously, and WILDsound had tremendous reviews when it came to acquiring an agent/manager.

Matthew: Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

Keith: The only advice I would feel just in sharing is to never stop writing. I am by no means where I desire myself to be as a writer, so I feel it’s slightly bold to delve out advice. However I am confident that those who relentlessly write, will become substantially better writers than their counterparts.

For me personally, my tastes exceed my skill set, but given time, and my relentless drive, those two will eventually meet. We can always get better, and the second you feel you’ve done your best, you limit your future potential. Success comes from failure, so embrace it.

    * * * * *

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Testimonials (updated daily):

This is most excellent. I loved the thorough feedback, and some of the fixes or easy and some require a little more thinking but regardless, I’m glad to be getting your feedback.
– David Baugnon, (The Messiah Project)

Thank you for your encouraging words and for this great chance you are giving me. If I had to rate your feedback, I would give it 110 over 100 !! In fact, it is thanks to your previous feedback that I was able to improve this piece: even when they are harsh, your comments are always constructive, thorough and motivating.
– Maroun Rached, (Elan Vital)

I really appreciate the detailed feedback, it is very encouraging and gives me very specific things to improve upon.
– Rochelle Blissett-Miller, (Axiom – Source)

That’s the most useful feedback I have received. Certainly understand the issues you brought forth.
– Andrew Vestrand, (On the Nut)

These notes are very helpful in my advancing this piece and as a new writer I am extremely pleased with the generally positive reinforcement here.
– R. Christian Frostholm (Consequences)

This feedback is clear, and very helpful. I will work on it and resubmit, much appreciated.
– Jamie Aderski (The F Factor)

Thank you for the extremely useful feedback on my script Digital Natives.
– Adam Preston (Digital Natives)

Thank you for the feedback to my script “Father Flanagan”. I was very excited to get this valuable tool and you did not disappoint!
– Chris Beatty (Father Flanagan)

I greatly appreciate the time and effort from you and all of the actors involved. It was really something seeing a reading of my work.
– Seregon O’Dassey (Absynthia)

Thank you for your feedback and notes. This is very constructive. I agree to reduce the number of characters. They can be brought out in specific episodes.
– Tomas Stanley (Pocono Heaven Lodge)

Wildsound was more than I expected. After my initial entry, they made some great suggestions on improving the script. I took their advice, made the adjustments and resubmitted the pilot. They sent back more notes, I made some minor final touches, sent it back and found that I won. Since they announced my win, they have kept me posted regarding views of the video and what I can do to help promote my script.
– John Fuhrman
TV PIlot

Thanks so much for responding with such detailed, articulate, and useful feedback. It’s greatly appreciated! The commentary is both resonant and practical.
– Eli Edelson
TV Spec Screenplay (Hannibal)

I appreciate you taking the time to give me a good insight into the next steps and tweaking I need to work on.
– Lois Terrans
TV Spec Screenplay (Supernatural)

Thank you for the helpful feedback! I’m sure my script will be stronger after revising!
– Victor Obi
TV Pilot (The Guardian)

Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful advice for my next draft.
– Ryan Feldman
Girls, TV Spec Screenplay

Thanks to you and your team for such excellent and detailed feedback. It’s clear that those reviewing the script have put a great deal of time and effort into breaking it down and assessing it professionally – and we’re very grateful. We particularly appreciate the fact that both the strengths and the weaknesses have been highlighted, so we can see what we’re doing right, as well as which elements need work.
– Sara Myles
TV Pilot (May Contain Nuts)

I have found your feedback particularly helpful. You’ve picked up on some great logic points of the story I couldn’t see having been immersed in the story.
– Ed Vassi
TV Pilot Screenplay (Our Demons)

Thank you very much for your notes! They are spot-on. I agree that the story should probably focus more on Peter’s dilemma. If it ties in with Phuc’s heroin operation though, I’d need to walk that fine line of developing the subplots enough without overpowering the main story.
– David Chan
Family Guy TV Spec

Appreciate the feedback. Thank you for the fast response!
– Cole Folwer
Masters of Sex, TV Spec Screenplay

Thank you for the feedback. I will take the notes into consideration for future drafts.
– Genevieve Heineman

Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will definitely take this advice and keep improving the script.
– Jason Mageras
Parks and Recreation, TV Spec

Thanks so much for your feedback. Excellent notes.
– John Alarid
Kodak Moments, TV PILOT

Thank you SO, SO, SO much for your feedback. I am not a “writer” by trade, so this was absolutely fantastic to read.
– Lonny Anger
Frank and Bruno, TV PILOT

Awesome feedback! Thank you so much for the time and effort that was put into reading my script and delivering these constructive notes.
– Matt O’Connor
Bad Madison, TV PILOT

These notes are extremely helpful. I appreciate the time / effort your team put into it! Will get to work..
– Adam Wright
Treasured Ones, TV PILOT


Wildsound ran the contest smoothly. They met their deadlines, delivered what they promised, and kept in contact with me throughout the process.
– Michael Kellner
TV Pilot

I just wanted to say THANKS for the feedback. It was very specific, detailed and makes a lot of sense. It helped me to consider a lot of what I hadn’t considered before. I really do appreciate the time you took to prepare this and I feel this was money well-spent. I will continue to work on this and send to you again in the near future. Thanks again
– Robert People
First Lady, TV Pilot

For anyone starting out, I cannot recommend a better competition to enter. Since rewriting my script based on their constructive criticism I have placed in a handful of semifinals and finals that I don’t believe I would have reached without their feedback and continued support.
– Kim Godfrey-Hempsall

That you immensely for these invaluable notes, WILDsound. Looking forward to submitting “Perfect Match” again in the future.
– Jeremy Ferdman
Perfect Match, TV PILOT

Thank you for the feedback. Grammar is always something that I struggle with, and thank you for the pointers on focusing on the visual rather than the reader detail.
– Nathan Cary
Inside The Pipe, TV PILOT

Thank you so much! Great feedback, so valuable!!
– Anne Eston
Health Care, TV PILOT

Oh wow. Not only did I enjoy and appreciate your feedback, it meant a great great deal to me – it’s been a while since anyone has taken the time to look at my work in such a detailed way and I find it deeply encouraging. Thank you!
– Dan Heching
Girls, TV Spec

Thank you so much for your feedback.
– Nattalia
Cube Farm, TV PILOT

The feedback was both thoughtful and detailed. I very much appreciate it! It definitely points the way for the next draft.
– Robert Herold,
Rat City, TV PILOT

I am actually very satisfied with the feedback, nothing like a little constructive criticism. Thank you and I shall work on it and resubmit.
– Alex Alvarado,
The Shop of the Unknown, TV PILOT

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I will take all of these points into consideration on my next rewrite.
– Luke Stewart,
The Age of Iron and Magic, TV PILOT

A sincere thanks for the fine feedback. Your suggestions will certainly weigh in heavily! I really appreciate the time taken to provide substantive reactions to the text.
– Dennis,
The Vestals, TV PILOT

I have been very happy with the feedback.
– Amy Champlin,
White Collar Spec, TV SPEC

Thank you for the detailed feedback. The changes have been made and we would like to submit the new script.
– Abha Talesara,
I Can’t Think Straight, TV PILOT

I am going to take your comments and make the character more likable in the pilot. My 2nd episode builds on this trait but I understand we have one shot. I will always appreciate your feedback. I know this can be a successful show.
– Jason Fuller,
Living Fuller, TV Pilot

Thank you. I enjoyed the comments immensely as it told me I had accomplished a lot of what I tried to do.
– Richard,
The Roy Rogers Show, TV Spec

Interview with Sean Ballantyne, Batman Fan Fiction Screenplay Winner

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Watch the Winning Fan Fiction Screenplay of Batman “Joker’s Vendetta”:

Interview with the winning writer Sean Ballantyne by Matthew Toffolo:

Matthew: What motivated you to write this Batman Fan Short Script?

Sean: Practice, and fun, really. I had an idea to write a fan-film and cram it with all the references I could to see how far I could go without derailing it. Ultimately it was a great exercise in scripting.

Matthew: What is this script about?

Sean: I was kind of going for a theme of duality. Each major character has two lives that they live, there are two angles to everything etc. It’s not entirely evident in the end result, but my ability to write thematic explorations wasn’t as evolved back then. (I first wrote it over ten years ago.) Plot wise, it’s about the Joker murdering mobsters, and no one really knows why.

Matthew: What Batman universe…

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Feature Screenplay Submission Testimonials from WILDsound Festival

WILDsound Festival

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Testmonials (updated daily):

As usual, totally impressed by, and very appreciative of, the below critique! Thank you so much and I will work on the edits you speak of in my next draft.
– Michael Zamanis
Drive-Thru, Feature Screenplay

Thank you for the very informative feedback. I really appreciate the diverse perspective that was given. Again, thank you.
– Jamison Derfler
God’s Will, Feature Screenplay

Thank you so much for the very helpful feedback!
– JR
Not Another Vampire Story, Feature Script

Thanks very much for the feedback!! It was a bit brutal to read. But thanks again very much!! Now I have a bit more direction and certainly got more than my…

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